Vehicle Fire Protection Systems

When every second counts, you can be assured that Ansul Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems and detection and control systems are ready to respond. Ansul Systems are versatile, regardless of the vehicle type, size or environment. From underground mining equipment where space is at a premium, to "mega-class" non-road mobile equipment used in today's open mining environments, Ansul systems, along with Red Line Extinguishers will be there around the clock to protect your investments.

Today's mega-class non-road mobile equipment requires mega-class fire protection. Ansul Twin-Agent System technology provides protection to help keep equipment productive and minimize downtime due to fire.


  • 125 or 250 lb. (57/113 kg) dry chemical tank
  • LVS liquid agent option can be added as required
  • Minimal installation and service time
  • Footprint utilizes minimal desk space
  • Proven cartridge-operated system providing the highest level of reliability and dependability
  • Checkfire SC-N detection and control system

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