Inergen Fire Protection Systems

Statistics might show that a fire may be more likely to occur in a steel mill verses a data center, but the fact is that fires can and do occur in electronic installations more than people might think. Fires in such areas can be a great loss for a couple of reasons. The loss of costly equipment is serious. However, along with such loss comes the business interruption and the loss of irreplaceable data storage and records. Halon was introduced as an answer to this situation. However, in 1994, a worldwide ban was put on the production of new Halon because it was determined to be harmful to the environment by contributing to the depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer.

Here at Fire Services of Idaho we are proud to be able to offer another product that has taken this problem under consideration - Inergen Clean Agent Systems. Ansul introduced the contemporary fire protection triangle to represent the three basic points for fire protection systems:

  • Protect lives
  • Protect property
  • Protect the environment

Inergen is the only system that offers clean agent and can meet all three objectives.