FM-200 Fire Protection Systems

Clean Agent

FM-200, chemically known as heptafluoropropane, is an alternative fire suppression system agent manufactured in the United States at the Great Lakes Chemical facilities in Eldorado, Arkansas. It is also known within the industry as HFC-27. It is a replacement for the ozone depleting Halon 1301 used extensively before 1994.

FM-200 has no ozone depletion potential. Its ODP is zero. FM-200 has found by leading toxicologists to be safe for use when people are present. Just as with Halon 1301, people can be exposed to normal extinguishing concentrations of without any fear of health problems.

At F.S.I. we represent Fike Protection Systems. Fike Protection Systems has conducted extensive testing over the past several years and has developed the necessary knowledge to incorporate FM-200 into its fire suppression system product line.

Often FM-200 systems are employed to protect critical installations formerly protected by Halon 1301. These include:

  • Data processing centers
  • Telephone switches
  • Process control rooms
  • Art and historical collections
  • Facilities where water damage from sprinklers must be avoided at all costs.

In a typical system the extinguishing agent is typically stored in cylinders or spheres. It is delivered to distribution nozzles through a system piping network.

Critical to the functioning of the system is the fire detection and control network. Typically smoke detectors sense the presence of fire in the protected facility. The detection and control panel then sounds an alarm, shuts down air handlers, disconnects power from the protected equipment, and then releases agent into the protected area.

At F.S.I. we make use of the Fike Intella-Scan Fire Detection Control Panel to control the release of agent. The Intella-Scan II control system uses both intelligent addressable analog sensors and centralized decision making to virtually eliminate false alarms and unwanted agent releases. The sensors report environmental conditions on a real-time basis to the control unit where the microcontroller makes the ultimate alarm decision. And the control panel is modular to allow you to add on to the system as your requirements change over time.

Assembling all the components together into a workable system optimized for your facility is the work of trained fire protection consultants. At F.S.I. our consulting group will design your system, prepare shop drawings, flow and battery calculations, and provide you the hard data you need to rest assured in the confidence of a well-designed fire protection system.