Fire Alarm Systems

At F.S.I. we specialize in the design, installation, and testing of fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm Systems

We represent several different alarm manufacturers. From the largest high-rise buildings to medium commercial sites, we can offer you the perfect solution to your requirements.

Addressable Panels

We are skilled in the design of addressable networks. From Mircom to Medium Fire Lite panels, we can provide the right combination for your facility.

Service Work

At F.S.I. we offer annual testing and maintenance of all your equipment. Our technicians stand ready to offer 24-hour service 7 days a week. In addition, we can provide maintenance on all other protection needs. We are a one stop shop. "One call does it all."

Idaho Code Requirements

Along with NFPA standards, many local authorities having jurisdiction enforce local roles and codes. We will work closely with the A.H.J. to ensure project compliance.