Commerical Cooking Fire Protection

We at F.S.I. are proud to be a distributer of Ansul restaurant systems. They are the most popular fire suppression system out on the market.

Every year there are several fires in commercial cooking facilities, Ansul systems have adapted to offer the best protection for your restaurant or institutional cooking facility.

In the past several years there have been major changes in commerical cooking. The new kitchen equipment uses more efficient burners resulting in much higher heating rates. Animal fats have been replaced with vegetable oil which burns at hotter temperatures, thus increasing the risk of a reflash in the event of a fire.

At F.S.I. we will provide you with the new generation Pirhana hood systems or the R-102 liquid agent fire suppression system.

The Ansul system is actuated by fusible links located above the cooking appliances. The links melt during a fire, causing the suppression cartridge to fire propelling gas into the Ansulex liquid agent tank. The distribution piping system carries the agent to nozzles located above the cooking appliances, in the plenum above the filters, and in the duct above the plenum.

Service on your Ansul system is as important than the equipment itself. At F.S.I. our technicians use a check-list complete with 34 maintenance steps performed during the semi-annual service of your system. We offer 24-hour emergency recharge service.

When updating your Ansul System to the latest technology, be sure and change your fire extinguishers too. Fire extinguishers designed specifically for kitchens are now available. Please note that changes by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to standard #10 now require this special "K Class" hand portable fire extinguisher mounted in cooking areas.

Idaho Code Requirements

Along with NPFA Standards, many local authorities having jurisdiction enforce local rules and codes.

For More Information

For additional assistance on the design of your Ansul System, or for service on your existing equipment, call our professionals at (800) 866-3640 for more information.